RAHS Library

The RAHS Library

The Library contains an extensive collection of both written and pictorial resources on all aspects of Australian history. It also specialises in NSW local history. Included in the collection are printed books, pamphlets, ephemera, journals, maps, microfilm, microfiche, photographs and glass slides

Our collection specialises in local history and is ideally suited to research local areas and towns in New South Wales; some personal details of individuals; company history; architecture; land holdings and convict information.

The Library holds the only comprehensive computerised index to the Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, which has been publishing scholarly articles on Australian history since 1906. Computer databases also list over 10,000 items held in the library, and our extensive press clippings and photographic holdings.

You can now search some of our catalogues on-line. Follow these links for the Book Collection; Glass Slides Collection; Walker Picture Collection; and the Journal, History and Conference Paper Catalogue.

Special collections: photos and glass slides, press clippings, rare books

The RAHS Library has a number of unique collections.

• Affiliated Society serials collection - newsletters published by local and specialised history societies.

• Watson and Foster Press Clippings Collections, compiled in the early 20th century and fully indexed

Photographic prints

Glass slides

Journal of the RAHS

Rare Books

All of these collections are indexed on computer for easy access.

Research service

The Library offers a research service to members, affiliated societies and members of the public. Research inquiries can be made by telephone, mail or fax.

A minimum flat fee of $11.00 plus $22.00 per hour for research, 45c per page for photocopies, and $2.00 per enquiry for postage/handling. Charges include GST.

The Library also conducts workshops for those wishing to use it for research purposes.

Please note that as a matter of policy we do not open attachments to unsolicited email, so please include your query in the body of the email.

Personal visits

The Library is located at the Royal Australian Historical Society, First Floor, History House, 133 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000. It is opposite the Sydney Botanical Gardens, between Bent and Bridge Streets. It is within walking distance of railway stations at Wynyard, Circular Quay, Martin Place and St James.

Opening hours are 10 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays and between Christmas and New Year).

Visits to the Library are free to members and to members of affiliated societies undertaking their society research. Visits are $5.50 per day (including GST) for non-members and affiliated society members undertaking private research.

Researchers requiring access to special collections such as the photographic collections are advised to phone for an appointment with the librarian (02 9247 8001).

A computer is available for accessing the library catalogue, specialist indexes of the society's collection such as the picture collections and the local history bibliography. The computer can also be used for internet access to other collections.

Photocopying Facilities and Reproduction Services

The library is equipped with reader printer facilities for microfilm and microfiche readers and a reader-operated photocopier. Materials in the library may be photocopied, subject to copyright guidelines and the physical condition of the material. Photocopy charges are 25 cents per page (including GST). Photographic copies must be ordered for fragile materials.

Photographic copies of items in the collection can be arranged. Please contact the librarian to make an appointment if you anticipate needing specialist access to the pictorial collections.

Photographic reproductions will be used for:

* special permission must be sought and a higher fee may apply

 Photographic formats:

Donations to the library

We are continually acquiring items for our collection. To do this, the library needs donations, either as funds or as books donated by authors and publishers. All donations are tax deductable.

More information

For further information contact

Kathy Curran, Librarian on phone (02) 9247 8001 or fax (02) 9247 7854 or e-mail library@rahs.org.au