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History magazine

History, the magazine of the Royal Australian Historical Society, is published quarterly. It provides information on the activities of the Society and its members; notices of forthcoming events; articles of general historical interest; current issues of concern to historians; news from the affiliated societies' network and book reviews. History magazine is sent free to members of the RAHS. Individual copies of History can be purchased for $5.50 (plus postage).

The September 2007 issue of History includes:

Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society

The Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society (JRAHS), published twice yearly, is the oldest established journal of Australian history and contains a wide range of scholarly articles and reviews. JRAHS is sent free to members of the RAHS. Individual current issues (volume 78 onwards) can be purchased for $11 and back copies (to volume 77, if available) for $5.50 (plus postage).

The June 2007 issue (Vol 93, pt 1) of JRAHS includes:

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Local Government... Local History

Edited by Joy N. Hughes, Local Government... Local History is a guide to New South Wales local government minute books and rate records published by the RAHS in 1990. It is still available for purchase at a price of $11 (plus postage).

"The records generated by local councils over the years since the first incorporation was made in 1842 are full of information about people of all stations in life: their housing, their natural environment, their streetscape, their leisure, their essential services, their gripes and aspirations. These records are also the prime source of information about the council itself, its aldermen or councillors, its paid officials, its elections and its effectiveness in debate and in action." (Extract from foreword by Professor Ian Jack)

Monuments and Memorials

Edited by Beryl Henderson, Monuments and Memorials is a fascinating ramble through 5,000 monuments and memorials to the people and events that helped make New South Wales. It includes statues, plaques, tablets, stained-glass windows in churches, engraved stones and historical objects such as anchors and cannon. Available for sale at $4.40 (plus postage).

North Coast Women

Baiba Berzins, former Mitchell Librarian, is the author of this first comprehensive history of the experiences of women on the North Coast of New South Wales. North Coast Women covers the period from the earliest days of contact between Aboriginal and white people up to World War II, and an area from the Queensland border south to Taree and west to the Great Dividing Range.

Over 800 women from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds are included in this well-indexed history, which deals with over a century of rapid change in all areas of the North Coast. This history will prove valuable to schools, libraries, genealogists and local historians as well as providing entertaining reading for local residents and tourists with an interest in the North Coast.

North Coast Women was commissioned by the Royal Australian Historical Society under the Catherine Jane Livingstone History Award for the writing of North Coast history. It is available from the RAHS for $38.50 hardcover or $27.50 paperback (plus postage).

Technical Information Service Bulletins

The following RAHS technical information service bulletins are still in print at a cost of $4.40 each (plus postage).

2. The Management of Photographic Records, Tim Robinson

3. Oral History for the Local Community, Gail Griffith

4. Researching Old Buildings, Carol Liston

5. Slide Show: an introduction to audio-visual production for historical societies, Gail Griffith

7. Local Government Records and the Local Historian, R Ian Jack & Terry Kass

9. Copyright and Historians, Michael Spence

10. Using Directories in Local Historical Research, B LeMaistre

11. Public Works in Local History, Lenore Coltheart

12. Indexing your Local History, Frank Dunn

14. A Military Research Guide for Family Historians, Ralph Sutton

16. Marketing Local History Publications, Gail Griffith

17. 'How Old is my House?', Robert Irving

18. Working with Secondary Schools: a guide for local history resource centres and museums, Gail Griffith

20. Hey We're One Hundred Years Old!: a guide to celebrating anniversaries, Paul Ashton

21. Material Culture Studies for the Local Community, Shar Jones

22. Tracing Koori Ancestry, James Miller

23. Immigration and Settlement, Approaches to Research, Sherington, Norst & Griffith

24. Historic Plaque Programs: a guide to their development, Paul Ashton

25. Organising Tours and Walking Programmes, John McClymont

27. Cemetery Conservation, Richard Mackay

28. Belonging to a Community Organisation, ed. Mari Metzke

29. Cemeteries and Local History, Graham Wilson

30. Magistrates' Records in NSW, 1788-1945, Hilary Golder

Affiliated Societies Conference Proceedings

Copies of the proceedings of conferences held with Affiliated Societies are available. Out-of-print conference proceedings are available for consultation in the library.


1839 New South Wales and Port Phillip General Post Office Directory

The Directory was published in Sydney by James Maclehose. It was the first directory to include residents of Melbourne and the Port Phillip District as well as Sydney and New South Wales. It is also the rarest of the directories published in the 1830s; only five copies are known to exist and it has never before been reprinted.

The Directory has been published by the RAHS, in a hard-cover facsimile reprint produced from the digitisation of a fine copy owned by a Councillor of the RAHS. The retail price is $55 plus postage.


Bruck's Guide to the Health Resorts in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand

The Centennial edition of Ludwig Bruck's Guide was published in 1888. Bruck's Guide listed over 200 towns and cities in Australasia, from Akaroa (NZ) to Yongala (SA), with details of climate, health facilities, doctors and hotels as well as tourist attractions.

In this new 228-page hard-cover facsimile reprint produced from the digitisation of a copy held in the RAHS Library, this wealth of local information is made more accessible by a new index of people, buildings and medical conditions with over 2,500 entries.

The retail price is $44.00, plus handling and postage ($5.50).