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Vol 90, pt 2 (December 2004) abstracts

Annie Campbell, '"… thousands of tiny fingers moving": The Beginning of the Junior Red Cross Movement in New South Wales, 1914-1925'

Jean Duncan Foley, 'Maritime Quarantine versus Commerce: the role of the Health Officer of Port Jackson in the nineteenth century'

Tina Picton Phillipps, 'Family matters: bastards, orphans and baptisms - New South Wales, 1810&endash;1825'

Stuart Ripley, 'Ideology and Identity: George Towns and professional sculling'

Shirleene Robinson, '"Full of passive resistance"? The employment of female state children in Queensland, 1865-1911'

Ken Turner, 'Farmers' parliaments and country conferences: Attempts by New South Wales Labor in the 1920s and 1930s to communicate with the countryside'

Anne-Maree Whitaker, 'Mrs Paterson's keepsakes: the provenance of some significant colonial documents and paintings'

Vol 90, pt 1 (June 2004) abstracts

John R Godfrey and John Ramsland, 'David, Stanley and Norman Drummond: a "fair deal" for the NSW country child in schooling and welfare, 1924-1983''

Stefan Petrow, 'Progressivism in Australia: the case of John Daniel Fitzgerald 1900-1922''

Malcolm D Prentis, 'What do we know about the Scottish convicts?'

Brian Roach, '"Neither bread enough nor to spare": paying the Anglican parson in early colonial NSW'

Simon Sleight, 'Public spaces? Sydney's wowsers and the spatial conception of decency 1901-1912'

Vol 89, pt 2 (December 2003)

Brian Fletcher, 'Dr Ken Cable AM, 1929-2003: A Memoir'

Graham C. Joyner, 'Scientific reaction to evidence for the yahoo or "Australian Ape", 1882-1912'

Janice Pavils, 'The emergence of South Australian ANZAC culture 1915-1925'

Kay Whitehead and Lynne Trethewey, 'Vision and pragmatism in the educational and suffrage work of "two advanced Englishwomen" in NSW'

Bart Ziino, 'Claiming the Dead: Great War memorials and their communities'

Angus R. McGillivery, 'British convicts, Polynesian women and imperial designs' (research note)

Vol 89, pt 1 (June 2003)

Mark Ferson, 'John Lane Mullins, father of the Australian bookplate movement'

Morris Graham, 'Newcastle rallies to the flag, February 1902: Arthur Hill Griffith and opposition to the Boer War'

Caroline V. Jones, 'The influence of Angus and Robertson on colonial knowledge'

Siobhán Lavelle, 'A tree and a legend: the making of past and place in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales'

Emily Wilson, 'A "menace to the community": mental defectives in Queensland mental health legislation, 1938'

Vol 88, pt 2 (December 2002)

Russell Craig and Leanne Johns, 'Female customers of the Bank of NSW, 1817-1820'

Colin Dyer, 'The indigenous Australians in Sydney and its environs as seen by French explorers 1802-1831'

Dawn Peel, 'Death and community in a colonial settlement'

Peter Quinn, 'The 'Penal Reformatory' that never was: proposals to establish Borstal training in NSW, 1900-1948'

Paula Watts and John Ramsland, 'Midwifery in the lower Hunter River district 1940-1960: female entrepreneurial activities in a masculine work world'


Vol 88, pt 1 (June 2002)

T.W. Campbell, 'My dear Lord Jersey - My dear Sir George Dibbs'

Jeff Hopkins-Weise, 'Pacific Islander involvement in the pastoral industry of the Gulf of Carpentaria'

Robert J. King, 'The Timor Gap, Wonosobo and the fate of Portuguese Timor'

Jan Kociumbas, 'Myths, men and history: the making of the Snowy mystique'

John A. Moses, 'The struggle for Anzac Day 1916-1930 and the role of the Brisbane Anzac Day Commemoration Committee'

Vol 87, pt 2 (December 2001)

W K Anderson, 'Andrew Fisher: "a proud, honest man of Scotland"'

Jim Badger, 'The lamentable death of Lady Mary FitzRoy'

Susan Lawrence, 'Foodways on two colonial whaling stations: archaeological and historical evidence for diet in the nineteenth-century Tasmania'

John Maynard, 'Muloobinbah (Newcastle), an Aboriginal industrial presence: past and present'

Steve Mullins, 'The Costa Rica Packet affair: colonial entanglements and tests of Empire in pre-Federation NSW'

Vol 87, pt 1 (June 2001)

Brian H Fletcher, 'The RAHS and the writing of Australian history'

Ruth Frappell, 'Finding and keeping "a home of its own"'

Marjorie Jacobs, Hazel King and Rosemary Annable, 'The RAHS 1901-2001'

Kenneth W Knight, 'The Archives of the RAHS'

Mari Metzke, 'Affiliated societies of the RAHS'

Kylie Rees, 'The Library of the RAHS'

Jeremy Steele, 'The Women's Auxiliary and its successors'

Anne-Maree Whitaker, 'Biographical notes on the Fellows of the RAHS'

Vol 86, pt 2 (December 2000)

Nessy Allen, 'Preservation of native forests: the contribution of an Australian woman scientist'

Ivan Barko, 'The Cobar incident, its antecedents and sequels'

Paul Battersby, 'Journeys of an amateur orientalist: Australia and Asia through the eyes of Ambrose Pratt'

Brian H Fletcher, 'Christianity and free society in NSW 1788-1840'

Bede Nairn, 'The Governor, the bushranger and the Premier'

Lorraine Neate, 'Alexander Harris - a mystery no more' (research note)

Vol 86, pt 1 (June 2000)

Phillip Deery, '"Dark red subject has arrived": a British communist visits Australia'

Alfred James, 'Sir Norman Cowper' (biographical note)

Caroline Jones, 'Adoption - a study of post-war child removal in New South Wales'

Peter Proudfoot, 'John Young, James Barnet and the 1879 Garden Palace International Exhibition in Sydney'

Gladys Scrivener, 'Parental Imposition or Police Coercion? The role of parents and police in committals to the industrial schools in New South Wales, 1867-1905'

Michael Tyquin, 'Going in Style: Sydney's funeral train system' (historical note)


Vol 85, pt 2 (December 1999)

Mark Cortiula, 'Collecting blood for battle: the wartime origins of the transfusion service in New South Wales'

Brian H. Fletcher, 'Re-shaping Australian Anglicanism 1962-1978: from Book of Common Prayer to An Australian Prayer Book'

Jan Kociumbas, 'The Spiritual child: child death and angelic motherhood in colonial women's writing'

Andrew Moore, '"History without facts": M. H. Ellis, Manning Clark and the origins of the Australian Dictionary of Biography'

Special feature: Historical reflections - explorations; Robert J. King, 'What brought Lapérouse to Botany Bay?'; Alan E. J. Andrews, 'The three land excursions of Governor Phillip'; Robert James Smith, 'Matthew Flinders and the North Coast of New South Wales, 1799'

Vol 85, pt 1 (June 1999)

Ivan Barko, 'The French presence in Sydney and the establishment of the French Chamber of Commerce'

Erin Ihde, 'Monitoring the situation: the "convict journal", convict protest and convicts' rights'

Judith Keene, 'Surviving the Peninsula War in Australia: Juan de Arrieta - Spanish free settler and colonial gentleman'

John Luttrell, 'Cardinal Gilroy's ANZAC Day Problem'

Vol 84, pt 2 (December 1998)

Patricia Curthoys, '"A provision for themselves and their families?" Women depositors of the Savings Bank of New South Wales, 1846-1871'

Clive Faro, 'To the lighthouse! The South Head Road and place-making in early New South Wales'

Howard LeCouteur, 'The Moreton Bay Ministry of the Reverend Johann Handt: A re-appraisal'

John Pickard, 'Trespass, common law, government regulations, and fences in colonial New South Wales, 1788-1828'

Grant Rodwell, 'Professor Harvey Sutton: National hygienist as eugenicist and educator'

Sean Scalmer, 'Labor's golden age and the changing forms of workers' representation in Australia'

Vol 84, pt 1 (June 1998)

Kenneth J Cable, 'Alice Hazel Kelso King, 1908-1997: An obituary'

John Fisher, 'Technical and institutional innovation in nineteenth-century Australian pastoralism: the eradication of psoroptic mange in Australia'

Erin Ihde, '"So gross a violation of decency": A note on wife sales in colonial Australia'

Noeline J Kyle: '"Give us the franchise ... [and] ... we will show how we will use it!" The story of Euphemia Allen Bowes, a leading "older" citizen'

Ros Pesman, 'Australian women encounter the East: the boat stops at Colombo'

Michael B Tyquin, 'Sir William "Mo" Williams KCMG, CB, KStJ, creator of Australia's Army Medical Services - maligned or misunderstood?'

Ian Tyrrell, 'The Anti-tobacco reform and the temperance movement in Australia: Connections and differences'

Vol 83, pt 2 (December 1997)

Kate Hartig and Gordon Waitt, 'The Lost metropolitan centre of New South Wales: Resolving the unfulfilled claims about Eden, 1843-1920'

Jane McAdam, 'Creating an Identity: the beginnings of Mosman and Australian local history'

Garrath O'Keeffe, 'Australia's Irish Republican Brotherhood'

Annette Potts, '"I am a British subject and I can go wherever the British flag flies": Indians on the Northern Rivers of New South Wales during the Federation years'

Vol 83, pt 1 (June 1997)

Jennifer Clark, '"Something to hide": Aborigines and the Department of External Affairs, January 1961-January 1962'

Bill Cooper and Glen McLaren, 'The Development of mobility in the exploration of Australia'

Brian H Fletcher, 'National history and national identity in postcolonial Australia'

Donald M Schug, 'The Politics of Papuan labour in the Torres Strait marine industry'

Iain Stuart, 'Sea rats, bandits and roistering buccaneers: What were the Bass Strait sealers really like?'

Anne-Maree Whitaker, 'Joseph Foveaux: "A gentleman of high reputation"'

Vol 82, pt 2 (December 1996)

Baron Alder, 'The Ideology of the New Guard movement'

R J Craig and S A Jenkins, 'The Cox and Greenwood ledger of the New South Wales Corps 1801-1805: the account of Captain John Macarthur'

Ruth Frappell, 'Finding and keeping "a home of its own": the search by the Royal Australian Historical Society for a permanent abode'

David Hughes, 'Australia's first brewer'

Graham Joyner, 'History as empirical inquiry: the Marrin animal and other evidence for the yahoo at Braidwood in the nineteenth century'

Rosemary Montgomery, 'The Hidden experience: public and private images of the adolescent girls in the Second World War'

Malcolm Saunders, 'The Early years of the Australian section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom: 1915-1949'

Vol 82, pt 1 (June 1996)

Alan E J Andrews, 'Barrallier and Caley: the evidence of their Burragorang maps 1802-1806'

Peter Ilbery, 'The Loss of the Waratah, 1909'

Tracey McAskill, 'An Asset to the colony: the social and economic contribution of Corpsmen to early New South Wales'

John Perkins, '"The Party was not without its intrigues": the struggle for control of Hitler's NSDAP in Australia'

Michael Scorgie and Peter Hudgson, 'Arthur Phillip's familial and political networks'

Geoffrey Sherington, 'British youth and Empire settlement: the Dreadnought boys in New South Wales'

Vol 81, pt 2 (December 1995)

Graham Abbott, 'The Expected cost of the Botany Bay scheme'

D R Beer, 'Student attitudes and student life at the University of New England, 1946-1964'

Robert Freestone, 'Sunlight, space and suburbs: the physical planning ideas of Sir John Sulman'

Sophie McGrath, 'Women religious in the history of Australia, 1888-1950: a case study - the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta

Brian M Petrie, 'The French-Canadian patriote convict experience, 1840-1848'

Kay Saunders, 'Reconstructing the memory of reconstruction in Queensland, 1945-1949'

Lesley Walker, 'The "for Wales see England" syndrome: locating Welsh immigrants in colonial records 1870-1879'

Vol 81, pt 1 (June 1995)

Beverley Earnshaw, 'The Lame, the blind, the malingerers: sick and disabled convicts within the colonial community'

Bruce N Kaye, 'Broughton and the demise of the Royal Supremacy'

Patrick O'Farrell, 'St Patrick's Day in Australia'

Melanie Oppenheimer, 'Alleviating distress - the Lord Mayor's Patriotic Fund in New South Wales, 1914-1920'

J A Ryan, 'Bernhard Ringrose Wise'

Michael Sturma, 'ANZAC and the Singapore press before the Fall'

Jurgen Tampke, '"Our duty to convert men-eaters and cannibals": German Lutheran missionaries and their work in Australia and New Guinea before 1914'

David S Waller, 'Ethics, education and self-regulation: the 1920 Sydney Advertising Convention'

Vol 80, pts 3-4 (December 1994)

Gordon Beavan, 'The Border Mail - presses, growth and proprietorship'

Nancy Blacklow, 'Riverina Roused'

Donald Boadle, 'Regional Water Wars'

Donald Boadle, 'Riverina Studies - retrospect and prospect'

Caroline Merrylees, 'Building Hay, the Witcombe influence'

Sherry Morris, 'F A Tompson - the father of Wagga Wagga'

Bruce Pennay, 'Becoming a city in the country'

Christine Watson, 'A Nineteenth century Independent politician'

Vol 80, pts 1-2 (June 1994)

Dwa Baker, 'Thomas Mitchell as explorer'

Brian H Fletcher, 'Australia's oldest historical journal'

David A Kent, 'Family migration from north-west Scotland in the mid nineteenth century'

John Laurent, '"Industry policy" and the Australian motor industry 1920-1942'

Joe Rich, 'Profiting from the pitfalls of oral history: the case of Sir Laurence Hartnett'

Ian Willis, 'Patriotism and education in New South Wales 1915-1930'

Vol 79, pts 3-4 (December 1993)

Alan E J Andrews, 'Surveyor Thomas Scott Townsend - his work in Australia 1831 to 1854'

Barry M Coldrey, 'Child migration and the Catholic church'

David Huggonson, 'Aboriginal Diggers of the 9th Brigade, First AIF'

Maree Murray, 'Children's work in rural New South Wales in the 1870s'

Norma Townsend, 'Living on the land: an enterprising selector'

Vol 79, pts 1-2 (June 1993)

Sharon Beder, 'From sewage farms to septic tanks: trials and tribulations in Sydney'

David Clune, 'From McKell to McGirr'

Brian H Fletcher, 'George Arnold Wood and Imperial history at the University of Sydney'

Colin Forster, 'The first history of Australia'

Sophie McGrath, 'Catholic girls secondary education 1888-1950: a case study'

Helen Proudfoot, 'A Continent without maps: territorial exploration in the age of Macquarie - a new look at the journeys of John Oxley'

Malcolm Saunders, 'The Origins and early years of the Melbourne Peace Society 1899-1914'

Eve Stenning, 'John Hutchison: Australia's first scientist'

Gwenda M Webb, 'Elizabeth Needham: enterprising emancipist of the First Fleet'

Vol 78, pts 3-4 (December 1992)

Rod Best, 'Castle Hill lunatic asylum'

Dymphna Clark, 'Dr John Lhotsky vs Baron Charles von Hugel'

Grace Karskens and Wendy Thorpe, 'History and archaeology in Sydney: toward integration and interpretation'

David Kent, 'Trench newspapers at Gallipoli'

Jillian Oppenheimer, 'Thunderbolt's Mary Ann, an Aboriginal bushranger'

Geoffrey Partington, 'Alfred Deakin and the significant past'

Rosemary Pitt, 'Nightingale nurses in colonial New South Wales'

Michael van Leeuwen, 'The Plan of a museum: Alexander Macleay's proposal for the Australian Museum'

Garry Wotherspoon, 'Moonlight and... romance: the death-cell letters of Captain Moonlight and some of their implications'

Vol 78, pts 1-2 (June 1992)

Ross Brownscombe, 'Barrallier's Blue Mountains exploration in 1802: clearing the matter up, finally?'

J M R Cameron, 'George Grey goes exploring - the interplay of personalities, politics and place'

William de Maria, 'Discounting in Paradise: the inglorious start to the 1943 National Welfare Scheme'

D E Fifer, ' The Sydney merchants and the wool trade 1821-1851'

Brian Hodge, 'Gold and (Mrs) Silver'

W A R Richardson, 'Toponomy and the history of cartography'

Michael Roe, 'F M Alexander: glimpses over fifty-plus years'

A O Sullivan, 'James Wilshire'

Kosmas Tsokhas, '"Hard times": British emigration to Western Australia 1919-1934'

Peter West and Peter McInnes, 'Parramatta Park: a case study in preserving the past'

Vol 77, pt 4 (April 1992)

Alan E J Andrews, 'Strzelecki's route 1840 from the Murray River to Melbourne'

Julie-Ann Ellis, 'Meetings with unremarkable men - the Benevolent Society of New South Wales 1861-1862'

Mark Hutchinson, ' W C Wentworth and the sources of Australian historiography'

Geoffrey Partington, 'Daniel Henry Deniehy and the significant past'

A O Sullivan, 'William and Mary Howe'

Jack Thompson and John Perkins, 'The Wild Cowpastures revisited'

Vol 77, pt 3 (December 1991)

Stephen Garton, 'Pursuing incorrigible rogues: patterns of policing in New South Wales 1870-1930'

Hilary Golder, 'The Making of the modern magistracy'

Christa Ludlow, 'A Tour of the rogues gallery: interpreting the relics of crime and policing in New South Wales'

Christopher Mead, 'Tough but fair: some practices of imprisonment in New South Wales 1866-1914'

Michael Sturma, 'New police, new country'

Vol 77, pt 2 (October 1991)

Peter Gronn, '"A Drag on the War effort"? Geelong Grammar School, 1940-1945'

Madeleine Sophie McGrath, 'Catholic Orphanages 1890s-1950s: two case studies - St Brigid's Ryde and St Michael's Baulkham Hills'

John Ramsland, 'The "Gibraltar" of correspondence schools, Blackfriars, Sydney 1924-1965'

Norma Townsend, 'The 1880 Education Act: a case study of the Nambucca Valley'

Vol 77, pt 1 (June 1991)

Glenn A Davies, 'A World War I ANZAC: the letters of Private Walter Steward 1916-1917 to his sister Maude in North Queensland'

Peter Proudfoot, 'Canberra: the triumph of the Garden City'

Robin Walker, 'Dental health in New South Wales 1900-1939'

I Bruce Watson, 'Australians living plantation lives, South West Pacific c1900-1975'

Vol 76, pt 4 (April 1991)

William de Maria, 'The Australian wartime budgets 1939-1945: the new fiscal gluttony'

Barrie Dyster, 'The pre-history of the third Earl Grey'

Stephen Garton, 'Palaces for the unfortunate: lunatic asylums in New South Wales 1880-1940'

Dan O'Donnell, 'Lord Lisgar: from Governor of New South Wales to Governor-General of Canada'

Vol 76, pt 3 (December 1990)

Brian H Fletcher, 'History at Sydney Teachers' College 1906-1939'

Kelvin Grose, 'New South Wales: a "community of evil"?'

Helen Kenny, '"That Devil Ross": the Dargin court martial'

Louis Maroya, 'Australians and foreigners: the changing face of the one coin: the ill-fated Kimberley Scheme'

Kosmas Tsokhas, 'Power, law and conflict in the pastoral industry 1914-1924'

Vol 76, pt 2 (October 1990)

W De Maria, '"Better than Beveridge?" The start of the National Welfare Scheme in Australia'

Rod Fisher, 'Against all the odds: early industrial enterprise at Brisbane 1840-1860'

Majorie Jacobs, 'John Manning Ward AO'

Kay Saunders, 'A model in these matters: state intervention Queensland during the 1946 metalworkers and 1948 railway strikes'

Malcolm Saunders, 'Portrait of an Anglican chaplain: the Reverend Herbert John Rose 1857-1930'

Vol 76, pt 1 (June 1990)

Alan E J Andrews, 'Mount Hunter and beyond: with Hunter, Bass, Tench, Wilson, Barrallier, Caley and Macquarie 1790 to 1815'

Sharon Beder, 'Early environmentalists and the battle against sewers in Sydney'

Takao Fujikama, 'Public meetings in New South Wales 1871-1901'

H G Morris, 'Some facts about a Windsor Baker'

Vol 75, pt 4 (April 1990)

Adrian R Haas, 'Schools of Mines in Australia 1870-1920'

D I McDonald, 'James Dalgarno 1841-1915'

Warren Perry, 'Sir Victor Windeyer: from subaltern to Honorary Colonel of the Sydney University Regiment'

John Ramsland and Ian McDonell, 'Road, punt and rail: Taree as a pioneering township 1830 to 1913'

Vol 75, pt 3 (December 1989)

Dymphna Clark, 'Baron Charles von Hugel and the Macleays'

Kelvin Grose, 'Scott, Arthur and the clergy reserves of Van Diemen's Land'

Margaret Stoljar, 'The Early German-language press in Victoria'

Ronald Strahan, 'The Dog that did not bark: Alexander Macleay and the Australian Museum'

Vol 75, pt 2 (October 1989)

Chris Coulthard-Clark, 'The Legion of Frontiersmen in Australia'

Gregory Melluish, 'Justifying commerce: the Scottish Enlightenment tradition in colonial New South Wales'

Bethia Penglase, '1788: That illiterate "freight of misery"?'

Peter Quinn, '"We ask for bread and are given stone": the Girls' Industrial School, Parramatta, 1941-1961'

Norma Townsend, 'Moulding minds: The School Paper in Queensland, 1905-1920'

Vol 75, pt 1 (June 1989)

Stephen Garton, 'Frederick William Neitenstein: juvenile reformatory and prison reform in New South Wales 1878-1909'

John Laurent, 'Bourgeois expectations and working class realities: science and politics in Sydney's School of Arts'

John Ramsland and Gregory Cartan, 'The Gosford Farm Home for Boys, Mount Penang 1912-1940'

Michael Roe, 'Britain's debate on migration to Australia, 1917-1939'

John M Ward, 'Forty Years as a Professor of History'

Vol 74, pt 4 (April 1989)

Brian Dickey, 'The Introduction of direct taxation in New South Wales 1892-1898'

Brian H Fletcher, 'Governor Bourke and squatting in New South Wales'

T H Irving, 'Francis Scott, colonial agent: aristocratic ideals and Empire in the 1840s'

Hazel King, 'Lieutenant-General Sir Edward Macarthur: expatriate Australian?'

Amy McGrath, 'The Controversy over the nationalisation of medicine 1941-1949'

Vol 74, pt 3 (December 1988)

Frank Cain, 'Opposition to the Great War in NSW: the case of the industrial workers of the world'

Robert Darby, '"A national literary shrine": attempts to save the Henry Lawson family home, 1935-46'

I C Harris, 'The Federal Council of Australasia'

Kay Saunders, '"Red baiting is an AWU Habit": surveillance and prosecution of communists in Queensland during World War II'

Malcolm Saunders, 'Peace dissent in the Australian colonies: 1788-1900'

Vol 74, pt 2 (October 1988)

Alan E J Andrews, 'Strzelecki's account of Mount Kosciusko: another view'

Donald Chaput, 'The Fiji non-rush of the 1930s and the Australian connection'

Kelvin Grose, 'The status of the Church of Scotland in the colonies in the1820s'

John Kerr, 'The First corporate investment in Queensland copper'

Michael Kirby, 'In the Supreme Court of NSW Court of Appeal'

Thomas D A Le Sueur, 'William Baker, settler'

George P Shaw, 'The promotion of civilization'

Vol 74, pt 1 (June 1988)

Alan E J Andrews, 'North to the Manning 1824-1834: the survey-explorations of Dangar, Florance, Ralfe and White'

David Carment, 'History and the landscape in Central Australia'

Ron Howell, 'Port Macquarie - the first thirteen years'

Paul-Alan Johnson, 'Augustus Alt: the life of Australia's first surveyor-general to 1788'

Desmond Moore, 'A history of the timber industry of the Central Coast of NSW'

Klaus D Teichmann and Inge A M Teichmann, 'Townsend, not Kosciusko: a myth dispelled?'

K J Wyatt, and M R Wyatt, '"High, Rocky and Barren": early exploration in Ku-ring-gai'

Vol 73, pt 4 (April 1988)

Marjorie Jacobs, 'The Royal Australian Historical Society 1900-1985. Part I. - "Students of a like hobby": the society 1900-1954.'

Hazel King, 'The Royal Australian Historical Society. Part II. - Growth and change: the society 1955-1985'

Charles Meyer, 'The non-German Germans: a case of mistaken identity in early Australian history'

John Perkins, 'Dr Rudolf Asmis and the "Rescue of Deutschtum" in Australia in the 1930s'

Michael George Smith, 'Hellenising Terra Australis: the Greek factor in redefining the Australian character'

S Wegmann and C B Thornton-Smith, 'Latrobe and Swiss vine growers in Victoria'

Vol 73, pt 3 (December 1987)

Robert G V Baker, 'The Turon economy in the context of the near rebellion of 1851'

D E Fifer, 'The Australian Patriotic Association 1835-1841'

Maurice French, 'In search of another Warthill: a Scottish migration to NSW in the 1830s'

Michael Horsburgh, 'David Laseron: a clergyman in the Rookwood Asylum'

R Ian Jack, 'Andrew Bull, laird of Cooerwull'

Vol 73, pt 2 (October 1987)

Alan Dwight, 'The Chinese in NSW lawcourts 1848-1854'

Robert Freestone, '"The New Idea": the garden city as an urban environmental ideal 1910-1930'

Ella Knibbs, 'Captain Francis Hixson, R. N.: a civil servant caught between imperial and colonial rule'

John Ramsland, 'The development of the ragged school movement in nineteenth century Hobart'

Dirk H R Spennemann, 'Importing alpacas: the initial idea: a note'

Vol 73, pt 1 (June 1987)

Edgar Beale, 'Anticipations of the River Murray'

Barry Bridges, 'Lord Kitchener and the Morant-Handcock executions'

A T Yarwood, 'The "Indian Business": an outline of the origins of horse exports from Australia to India 1834-1847'

Vol 72, pt 4 (April 1987)

Lawrence Fitzgerald, 'Is "Java la Grande" Australia? a rebuttal of P. L. Coleman's article in JRAHS, Volume 72, Part 3'

M B Hayne, 'The impact of the battle of Tsushima on Australian defence and foreign policy 1905-1909'

Michael Roe, 'New light on George Bass, entrepreneur and intellectual'

Sandra M Tweedie, 'China market: myth or reality? The establishment of an Australian Trade Commissioner Service in China 1935'

Peter West, 'Writing regional history'

Vol 72, pt 3 (December 1986)

P L Coleman, 'Is "Java La Grande" Australia?'

C Roderick, 'New light on Leichhardt'

M St Leon, 'The circus in the context of Australia's regional, social and cultural history'

P C Statham, 'Peter Augustus Lautour: absentee investor extraordinaire'

Vol 72, pt 2 (October 1986)

Catherine Boer, 'An early clergyman of the Hunter - William McIntyre 1806-1870'

Guy Cabourdin and Portia Robinson, 'On French soil?: the monument to Laperouse at Botany Bay: an historical note'

Kelvin Grose, 'What happened to the Clergy Reserves of NSW?'

Robert J King, 'Terra Australis: Terra Nullius aut Terra Aboriginum?'

D I McDonald, 'The city interests and anti-metropolitan attitudes: the Narrabri-Walgett Railway, 1882-84'

John Ramsland, 'Edith Onians, Melbourne waifs and the Newsboys' Society'

Vol 72, pt 1 (June 1986)

Elizabeth Dalton Newland, 'Forgotten early Australian journals of science and their editors'

P R Proudfoot, 'Arcadia and the idea of amenity'

I H van den Driesen, 'Convicts and migrants in Western Australia 1850-1868: their number, nature and ethnic origins'

Richard Waterhouse, 'Antipodean Odyssey: Charles B. Hicks and the New Georgia Minstrels in Australia, 1877-1880.'

Vol 71, pt 4 (April 1986)

G E Bauer, 'Charles Evans Reeves, B.A., M.D.: Saint or rogue?'

Bede Nairn, 'The NSW Labor Party, the legislative Council and Catholics, 1891-1926'

Gregory Paget, 'Alliance politics and the 1915 Dardanelles-Gallipoli campaign'

John Perkins and Jurgen Tampke, 'German liberal intellectuals and Australian socialism before the first World War'

Vol 71, pt 3 (December 1985)

John Fletcher, 'Karl Scherzer and the visit of the Novara to Sydney, 1858'

Hazel King, 'John Macarthur junior and the formation of the Australian Agricultural Company'

T G Parsons, 'Was John Boston's pig a political martyr? The reaction to popular radicalism in early NSW'

John Ramsland, 'A place of refuge from dangerous influences: Hobart Town Industrial School for Girls, 1862-1945'

Jane Varley, 'Australian clays in the Sydney Pottery industry: an historical account of the use of Australian clays in the Sydney Pottery industry with particular reference to the slip-casting process'

Vol 71, pt 2 (October 1985)

Alan E J Andrews, 'Allan Cunningham and the shy ladies at Caley's Repulse'

Scott Bennett, 'Professional sculling in NSW'

Carol Liston, 'Sir Thomas Brisbane in NSW'

D I McDonald, 'The nineteenth-century NSW civil service - reforms and the Northcote-Trevelyan report'

Vol 71, pt 1 (June 1985)

Pat Corbett, 'Women's Suffrage: myths and fantasies'

Jean D Foley, 'The beginnings of a quarantine system at the Quarantine Station, North Head, Port Jackson'

M B Hayne, 'Australian reaction to Hitler's accession to power'

Michael Pearson, 'Shore-based whaling at Twofold Bay: 100 Years of enterprise'

Vol 70, pt 4 (April 1985)

Kelvin Grose, 'The founder of national education in NSW'

Judith Keene, 'An antipodean bridegroom of death: an Australian volunteer in Franco's forces'

Malcolm Saunders, 'Parliament and the NSW Contingent to the Sudan in 1885: the dissection of a debate'

Bruce Swanton, 'Commissioner James Mitchell: a biographical sketch'

Vol 70, pt 3 (December 1984)

Roslyn Pesman Cooper, 'Some Italian views of Australia in the Nineteenth Century'

D E Fifer, 'Man of Two Worlds: the early career of William Charles Wentworth'

David Potter, 'An early agricultural library: the collection at Hawkesbury Agricultural College before 1920'

John Ramsland, 'An anatomy of a nineteenth century child-saving institution - the Randwick Asylum for Destitute Children'

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