Royal Australian Historical Society

Encouraging the study of Australian history
RAHS, History House, 133 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
phone: (02) 9247 8001 fax: (02) 9247 7854 email:
ACN 000 027 654 - ABN 91 000 027 654


About  Us

Learn about the RAHS, our Council, our history, and our historic building History House.

Be part of Australian history

Join us, check our calendar of activities, use our library, read our Journal and other publications. 

Local History & Heritage in NSW

Find out more about our 360+ local affiliated societies, grants schemes and our other services (including insurance). 


Useful History Links
Bookmark our links to libraries and archives, heritage and land titles, family history, and kindred organisations. Also included are some useful resources, electronic journals, and funding sources.

RAHS Cornucopia
Check our Images of Federation Sydney in 1901, read an Historical Guide to Sydney's Green Plaques, look at the Bayliss Panorama of Sydney in 1879, explore Memorable Quotations about History, challenge yourself with the RAHS History Quiz.

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