RAHS Centenary

2001 was the centenary year of the Royal Australian Historical Society. The year was marked by a number of events and activities.

Centenary issue of Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society

The June 2001 issue (Vol 87, pt 1) of JRAHS is a special centenary edition which includes:

Centenary Luncheon

As the centrepiece of our Centenary Celebrations, the Society held a special Luncheon for its members and their guests on Friday 29 June 2001 in The Strangers' Dining Room of Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney. Our host was the President of the Legislative Council, The Honourable Dr Meredith Burgmann.

The Occasional Address was given by Dr Shirley Fitzgerald, the Sydney City Historian and Chairperson of the State Records Authority Board. At the conclusion of the luncheon, Emeritus Professor Brian Fletcher launched the centenary number of our Journal, which is devoted to the history of the RAHS.

Centenary Lecture Series

15 March 2001 - Andrew Houison, RAHS Foundation President (by John McClymont)

4 April 2001 - David Scott Mitchell, RAHS Foundation Patron (by Alan Ventress)

9 May 2001 - Frank Bladen, John McGuanne and Edward Stack (by Brian Fletcher)

15 August 2001 - Rev. W. H. H. Yarrington, Alfred Lee and Frederick Phillips (by Keith Johnson)

18 September 2001 - Norman Selfe (by Ian Arthur)

16 October 2001 - Rev. A. A. Aspinall and Archdeacon W. J. Günther (by Geoffrey Sherington and Kenneth Cable)

20 November 2001 - Edward Dowling and Frank Walker (by Tessa Milne)


The Powerhouse: custodian of RAHS treasures

As early as 1917 the RAHS reported that it had received '180 lantern slides dealing with the history of Australia', then 'Aboriginal axe' in 1919, a 'boundary post, cast iron' in 1926 and so on, including 'Inscribed stone, Macquarie period 1820, for a convicts' barracks' in 1960. As early as May 1919 it held an 'historical exhibition' in the Education Department Building, then its home, and recorded an attendance of about 3000 over four days. It constantly acquired exhibits, and it never had proper means to display them. Finally, in 1979, a solution was reached and the collection was given to the then Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences.

This tour is to 'get behind the scenes', including visiting the basement store, and to see about 24 treasures from the RAHS's original collection, and seeing the processes of conservation, registration, the library and curatorial work spaces.

Guide: Dr Kimberley Webber, Senior curator, Australian history

Meeting place: Powerhouse Museum foyer, Harris Street, Ultimo

Date and time: Thursday 25 October, 2001,10.00 am